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Re: (ITS#8668) Cache overlay, unexpected behaviour and occasional segfaults

On 06/06/17 16:42, quanah@symas.com wrote:
> --On Monday, June 05, 2017 6:08 PM +0000 acrow@integrafin.co.uk wrote:
>> Full_Name: Alex Crow
>> Version: 2.4.40-13.el7
>> OS: Centos 7.3
>> URL: ftp://ftp.openldap.org/incoming/
>> Submission from: (NULL) (
>> I'm using OpenLDAP with the caching overlay as a proxy to AD, mostly for
>> use with Postfix and Dovecot.
>> I have been experiencing a strange issue whereby, when a user is moved to
>> a different OU in AD, the caching server initially returns only the
>> original OU until the cache entry expires. However, after this time, it
>> returns both the entry in the original OU and the entry in the new OU.
>> This does not seem to change even after the next expiry time has elapsed.
>> I can only seem to clear out the "old" result by wiping the cache's
>> database.
> Hi Alex,
> The first thing to do would be to upgrade to OpenLDAP 2.4.44 or 2.4.45 and
> confirm you can reproduce the issue in a current release.  If you can, then
> you need to provide a full backtrace, where debug symbols are enabled (the
> "-g" flag for CFLAGS for gcc), and the slapd binary is not stripped (or if
> using packaged RPMs, the debuginfo etc bits are installed).
> You can grab pre-compiled packages for OpenLDAP 2.4.44 from the LTB project
> at <http://ltb-project.org/wiki/download#openldap>.  I expect they'll have
> 2.4.45 packages available soon as well.
> Thanks,
> Quanah
Hi Quanah,

I've installed a new VM with the current LTB release and the crashes 
don't seem to be happening. However, we're still seeing problems with 
the cache overlay not working as expected. We had a user account moved 
between OUs this morning shortly after 9am, and now at after 2pm the 
cache is still returning both the entry from the old OU and the new one 
(where postfix can only deal with one result in this case).

Given my configuration I'd expect the cache to at least return the 
correct result after an hour at the most - or have I made a mistake?

pcacheAttrset 0 mail x-mailHost x-mailStore unixHomeDirectory displayName
pcacheTemplate (sn=) 0 3600 0 0 1800
pcacheTemplate (cn=) 0 3600 0 0 1800
pcacheTemplate (displayName=) 0 3600 0 0 1800
pcacheTemplate (mail=) 0 3600 0 0 1800
pcacheTemplate (&(objectClass=)(mail=)) 0 3600 0 0 1800
pcacheTemplate (&(objectClass=)(mail=*)) 0 3600 0 0 1800

Postfix is set up as below:

ldaptransport_server_host = ldap://ldapcache2
ldaptransport_timeout = 2
ldaptransport_search_base = OU=foo,DC=bar,DC=baz,DC=net
ldaptransport_query_filter = (mail=%s)
ldaptransport_result_attribute = x-mailHost
ldaptransport_result_filter = relay:%s
ldaptransport_expansion_limit = 1

Best regards


> --
> Quanah Gibson-Mount
> Product Architect
> Symas Corporation
> Packaged, certified, and supported LDAP solutions powered by OpenLDAP:
> <http://www.symas.com>

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