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Re: (ITS#8669) Slapd service becomes unresponsive intermittently

--On Wednesday, June 07, 2017 8:44 PM +0200 Michael Str=C3=B6der=20
<michael@stroeder.com> wrote:

> quanah@symas.com wrote:
>>> Is it possible we have the idletimeout set too high and it should be
>>> lowered? I=3DC2=3DB9m wondering if there is some sweet-spot value for =
>>> particular setting.
>> I generally leave it unset unless one is encountering an issue of =
>> out of connections.  Generally, it would be fairly strange for
>> idletimeout to affect things this way at all.
> I generally recommend to set idletimeout even somewhat tight in case you
> don't have a strictly defined set of clients. Because a client
> application which does not use its LDAP connection for ~5 min. is most
> times simply not closing connections. And running out of file handles can
> affect all file creation on your system (e.g. creating BDB's transaction
> log files).

Yep, there can be poorly written clients out there.  I'd expect idletimeout =

to be completely unrelated, given it's long standing existence and use. ;)



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