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RE: (ITS#8609) segfault in mods.c - modify_add_values

> From: Ond=C5=99ej Kuzn=C3=ADk
> Sent: Thursday, March 23, 2017 5:29 AM
> so far I've been unable to reproduce the issue, but going through the
> traceback again, there is something odd. In frame #5, syncrepl.c:2394
> reads "rc =3D op->o_bd->be_add( op, &rs );" as per re24[0], but in =
> traceback, over_op_func calls overlay_op_walk with "which=3Dop_modify"
> (see frame #3) which doesn't really make sense to me.

As I mentioned in the report, this is 2.4.44 with the ITS 8432 patch =
applied to prevent the infinite replication issue from occurring in our =
production environment. With that patch applied, line 2394 of syncrepl.c =

                        rc =3D op->o_bd->be_modify( op, &rs );

Sorry for any confusion that caused :(.