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Re: (ITS#8464) Documentation for enabling monitoring via cn=config

On Fri, Jul 15, 2016 at 12:06:22AM +0000, dave@pandora.com wrote:
>I've attached a patch whichrovivides some minimal instructions to enable
>monitoring via cn=config

Thanks for the patch!

I commented on these points in IRC, duplicating here for the record:

Module loading is a generic task, IMO it doesn't make sense to talk 
about in the context of an individual module. Covering how to load each 
module would get repetitive really quickly.

Also, while the LDIF you wrote makes sense, the way of authenticating to 
the config database is local to each site (the -H ldapi:// -Y EXTERNAL 
in your example is to some extent a Debian-ism), so this is another 
thing that I don't really think should be covered when talking about a 
specific module.