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Re: (ITS#8278) slapd fails to start when built with --enable-slp on freebsd

On 20. okt. 2015 00:28, quanah@openldap.org wrote:
> slapd will not start, exits with "slap_schema_init: Error registering matching
> rule ( NAME 'generalizedTimeOrderingMatch' SYNTAX
> )"

Reported to OpenSLP: <http://sourceforge.net/p/openslp/bugs/149/>.
libslp 2.0.0 redefines strncasecmp() unless HAVE_STRNCASECMP,
which it does not #define.  Building OpenSLP (not OpenLDAP) with
'./configure CPPFLAGS=-DHAVE_STRNCASECMP' fixes it.