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Re: (ITS#8117) Bugs related to key-size in lmdb and backend

29.04.2015 17:07, Howard Chu пиÑ?еÑ?:
> leo@yuriev.ru wrote:
>> Code style and code quality of OpenLDAP - is just a trash (IMHO).
> And your opinion is worth what, exactly?
> This code has come a long way since I started working on it in 1998. 
> Frankly I had the same opinion then, as you do now. But rather than 
> complain, I fixed the problems I found. There are probably still many 
> more of course, in corners of the code I have never looked at.
> If you think you can do better, prove it - take a copy of UMich LDAP 
> 3.3, where OpenLDAP started from, and bring it up to date with LDAPv3 
> and make it match OpenLDAP's performance and features. I look forward 
> to reviewing your result.
> Until you do that, you have no basis for your pointless insults.
I have no intention to offend or humiliate you.
It's hard to say what I would do in your position, but I have my opinion 
(as I believe informed) about the quality of the code.

Whether are necessary to correct the situation, and how to do it - you 
I think the first important step - to acknowledge the problem and put 
into a goals.

For my part I can say that I must to achieve stability, at least in our