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(ITS#8053) Error with replication " invalid format (line 5) entry: "olcDatabase={1}hdb, cn=config"

Full_Name: Dennis
Version: 2.4.31
OS: Ubuntu 14.04
Submission from: (NULL) (

Hi guys,

we just set up a Ubuntu Server with OpenLDAP running.
We also have a second server, running Ubuntu as well.
Now i tried to set up the replication using this guide:

Problem is, when i want to add the provider file using sudo ldapadd -Q -Y
EXTERNAL -H ldapi:/// -f provider_sync.ldif
i get a error-message:
ldapadd: invalid format (line 5) entry: "olcDatabase={1}hdb,cn=config" 

Does anyone know where this problem comes from?