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Re: (ITS#7636) slapd crash when multi-master replication (syncrepl) enabled

> kb9vqf@pearsoncomputing.net wrote:
>> Unfortunately the previous patch only fixes some of the most obvious
(immediate) crashes.  There are other places in the code (e.g.
>> syncprov.c
>> line 647) which pass non-malloc()ed variables to be_search() and
thereby crash slapd.
>> Has syncrepl even been tested with plugins before?  We really wanted to
use OpenLDAP for our directory server, however if replication cannot be
used with plugins then we may need to go with a Microsoft solution
>> Any hints?
> Seems like the problem should be fixed in the slapi support code. And in
general, the slapi code receives very little attention since slapd
> are the native plugin mechanism. Patching syncprov.c is definitely the
> way to go though.

OK, thanks for the info.  I don't know much acout the internals of
OpenLDAP, but I can still see where non-malloc()ed memory is being passed
(eventually) to a free()-type function. ;-)

> What are the plugins you're trying to use? Are you sure there isn't
already a
> slapd overlay that provides the feature?

We use a custom plugin to keep Kerberos ACLs in sync with group
memberships.  The plugin only monitors for certain changes to the
directory, it does not modify the directory in any way.