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(ITS#7545) Problem with v2.4.30

Full_Name: C. Swenson
Version: 2.4.30
OS: Solaris 10
URL: ftp://ftp.openldap.org/incoming/
Submission from: (NULL) (


We have used OpenLDAP for years, and currently using v2.4.30 on several systems.
 IDK if this is a bug on a specific platform, but there does not seem to be any
other logical explanation.

Sun Enterprise SPARC T4-1
Solaris 10 update10 8/11
Patch level 147440-27

OpenLDAP v2.4.30

data: /ldap/openLdapData/
logs: /ldap/openLdapLogs/

I have never seen an issue like this one.  I have rebuilt and populated LDAP
several times, and every time after a few days the number of 50mb logs in the
logs directory "explodes".  It will grow to the maximum size of the file system
until ldap crashes.  We have added: set_flags DB_LOG_AUTOREMOVE to the DB_CONFIG
file, but this does not seem to do anything.

This new model Sun server (T4-1) is the only one that this has happened on, and
extensive searches turn up nothing but the autoremove suggestion.

This system is on an isolated classified network and I can not upload any log
files.  Can someone tell us what kind of bug this is?