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Re: (ITS#7363) libmdb should use POSIX semaphores on non-apple BSD systems too.

Please try this patch, I can't.  It's split up for readability.
Replace defined(BSD) in 1st patch with defined(__BSD__) or whatever,
see below.


Also, maybe we can drop __APPLE__ - it may #define __BSD__ too.
ANDROID should be something like __ANDROID__.  I can't test either.


defined(BSD) breaks in strict ISO C mode.  Is there a symbol like
__BSD__ or __BSD to use instead?

Namespace-wise, "MDB_USE_POSIX_SEM" would be better.

MDB_FDATASYNC should not depend on USE_POSIX_SEM.

We can #ifndef PTHREAD_PROCESS_SHARED instead of BSD, unless someone
#define it without supporting it.  Not for MDB_FDATASYNC though.