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Re: (ITS#7167) regression, ldap_result() returns -1

Jan Vcelak wrote:
> ----- Original Message -----
>> By the way, the patch in question was due to ITS#7035; you should
>> read that
>> ITS for the motivation behind this change.
> Yes, I have read that ITS. I'm just not sure, if I understand it
> correctly. My server runs on the same machine as the SSSD client.
> The connection should not be closed unexpectedly. Therefore
> I think that POLL_HANGUP is not relevant.

To clarify - are all of the failures occuring when TLS is in use on the LDAP 
session? It's common for the socket layer to have data, but for the TLS layer 
to report that nothing is available yet since it hasn't read a complete record 
yet. If that's what is happening here, then yes, we need to fix this patch.

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