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Re: (ITS#7162)

Howard Chu wrote:
> michael@stroeder.com wrote:
>> FWIW:
>> With back-mdb I ran 64 iterations without this error.
>> Testing with back-bdb and back-hdb the failure occurs on my system after max.
>> 10 iterations.
> This sounds like it may be related to the issue I've been chasing down with
> ITS#7052. It appears that this bug was caused by the patch for ITS#6024. I'm
> about to revert that patch in master. Please re-test with d4b3c2af ...
Hm, no, that patch seemed to have no bearing here. But reverting ba4366eae 
appears to clear things up. Now I just need to re-read test054 to see if this 
is really what we want.

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