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Re: (ITS#7153) OpenLDAP doesn't start after some configuration modifications

raphael.ouazana@linagora.com wrote:
> This is a little bit like shooting himself in the foot:
> a/ Create a new attribute with back-config
> b/ Create a second new attribute which inherits from the first one with
> back-config
> c/ Remove the first attribute with back-config
> d/ OpenLDAP does not complain. But when you restart the server, you get an error
> message.

It boils down to that back-config should not allow to remove schema elements 
which are somewhere used. In this context "used" means
1. referenced in another schema element or
2. used in an entry in one of the database backends.
While 1. could be easily checked by slapd thinking about 2. leads to the 
conclusion that schema elements should not be removable at all.

There's a possibility to mark schema elements as OBSOLETE. This is what I 
consider best practice. Also it still keeps the old OID reserved.
(My web2ldap displays OBSOLETE schema elements as struck out in the schema 
viewer so one can easily notice whether there are OBSOLETE attribute types 
referenced e.g. in an active object class.)

Ciao, Michael.