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Re: (ITS#7144) reproducible segfault on slave/consumer during sync-replication

Sven Hartge wrote:
> On 02/01/12 05:56, Howard Chu wrote:
>> sven@svenhartge.de wrote:
>>> I get a very good backtrace, but since this backtrace contains internal
>>> information I am a bit hesitant to attach this backtrace to a public
>>> bug-report.
>> The backtrace you sent shows the crash at a line of code which was
>> already patched in RE24 due to ITS#7132. I believe this bug is already
>> fixed.
> This is good news. Do you have any commit ID so I can try to backport
> this fix to the version currently in Debian Squeeze?

commit 42faa8393e6cd41a837b526777110b892541773a

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