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Re: (ITS#6986) conversion to run-time configuration (RTC) for slapo-constraint

Am 07.07.2011 04:12, schrieb Quanah Gibson-Mount:
>> Problem #1: (count constraints)
>> constraint_attribute mail count 1
>> is converted to
>> olcConstraintAttribute:: bWFpbCBjb3VudCA=
> This is base-64 encoded, not garbage.  I suggest you base-64 decode it
> to see the actual value.

Okay, base-64 decoded it is "mail count".

But as I wrote:
>> The attribute is garbled after conversion. slapd will not run until this
>> is fixed.

So the problem is that the number after count is not included in conversion.
After adding " <number>" slapd will start.

Is there a specific mechanism for the decision of what attributes get
base64-encoded in conversion?
In case of the count type constraint I can't see why it's needed.