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Re: (ITS#6758) Cleaning up SlapReply usage

h.b.furuseth@usit.uio.no wrote:
> Mostly done with the easily spotted cases.  Hopefully HEAD's code
> stayed valid through my commits.  Need to think some more for the
> rest.  The decisions with greater chance of breaking things
> remain, like ITS#6763.
> Other issues:
> * hyc, please have a look at slapd/bconfig.c 1.419.  If I have
>    gotten things wrong, that one summarizes my mistakes nicely:-)

I think you're over-paranoid. config_build_entry() is only called by internal 
plumbing and the SlapReply here never gets sent to send_ldap_result(). It's 
only passed in because be_add() expects one; the contents are mostly 
irrelevant. (Aside from rs_err)

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