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Re: (ITS#6716) syncprov sessionlog 'sl_mincsn' not assigned a value.

cmikk@qwest.net wrote:
> This fix would have the effect of treating the sessionlog
> as empty until it overflows, and will cause unnecessary
> refresh traffic.
> Other than the patch I suggested (using the list head's
> CSN value directly), I can think of two other approaches:
> 	1) When adding an entry to the sessionlog, check
> 	if sl_mincsn is empty. If it is, update sl_mincsn
> 	to the new entry's CSN.
> 	2) When initializing the sessionlog, set sl_mincsn
> 	to the maximum contextCSN value of the underlying
> 	database.
> #2 seems ideal from an efficiency standpoint, although it
> differs from the algorithm the current code appears to be
> intended to implement.

#2 sounds fine, but it sounds like Rein has already got a good solution underway.

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