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Re: (ITS#6631) back-sql attribute order incorrect

> slapd log:
> backsql_add_attr("radiuslogin=xyzzy2,ou=Dialup,ou=External,o=Integra"):
> executing "UPDATE radiusaccount SET radiuslogin=? WHERE id=?" val[0],
> MySQL log:
> 173 Query       UPDATE radiusaccount SET radiuslogin=1411 WHERE id='xyzzy2'

> Note that this appears to be a logging issue rather than a functional one.
> =
>  The parameter order changes according to the param_order field, but the
> sl=
> apd log always indicates the order as if param_order=3D0

I'm not sure I understand this report.  Can you please make the example
more esplicative?  Also, please note that "id" in the update procedure is
the name of a specific field in the RDBMS, while "id" in slapd's log is a
generic name for the key that is being used.  The name coincidence is
purely incidental.

Also, that portion of the code has been recently modified (to allow 64-bit
integer keys); could you test with back-sql code from HEAD?  It should
build and work straight with 2.3.43 code.

Thanks, p.