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Re: (ITS#6618) Add support for unbind requests in perl backend

>> Full_Name: Gareth Palmer
>> Version: CVS HEAD
>> OS: Ubuntu 9.04
>> URL:
>> http://www.acsdata.co.nz/patches/openldap-back_perl-unbind-100811.patch
>> Submission from: (NULL) (
>> Hello,
>> This patch adds support for passing through unbind requests to the
>> underlying
>> module when using the perl backend.
> In this patch, the unbind operation is bypassed if requested by the
> rootdn.  You seem to consider "unbind" as the opposite of "bind", while it
> is a request to shutdown a connection between client and server.  As such,
> it should be honored also when the connection is bound as the rootdn.

Also, unbind operations are not supposed to return any response (see
RFC4511 for details; note that no unbind response tag is defined).