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Re: (ITS#6616) back-sql crashing

> Attempting to create an inetOrgPerson interface to a proprietary database
> schema.
> Obviously something wrong at this stage, causes slapd to SEGV.
> gdb tells me that in servers/slapd/back-sql/entry-id.c:backsql_id2entry()
> bsi->bsi_oc is null going into this call.
> 	rc = attr_merge_normalize_one( bsi->bsi_e,
> 			slap_schema.si_ad_objectClass,
> 			&bsi->bsi_oc->bom_oc->soc_cname,
> 			bsi->bsi_op->o_tmpmemctx );
> Without any time to absorb any implications, adding this just before the
> above
> call
>  	// added without any clue...  Rex
> 	if ( eid->eid_oc == NULL )
> fixes the SEGV, but not my interface.

This should not happen, since that objectClass mapping is explicitly
obtained few lines above if missing, and if the entry's OC was known by ID
it must be available in the ID to OC mapping.  I suspect something like
ITS#6617, where the obejctClass' ID overflows the unsigned long.  Can you

A backtrace and a description of the expected and actual values would help
(e.g. what ID has the "offending" objectClass, and what ID is
backsql_id2entry() actually trying to fetch).

It should be OK, at this point, to give up, but a clear indication that
mapping did not succeed needs to be returned.