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Re: (ITS#6586) PASSMOD operations are not getting chained correctly

Am 31.07.2010 04:46, schrieb masarati@aero.polimi.it:
>> Every other write gets chained just fine when a slave is in this
>> condition. It's only the PASSMOD operations that are stuck.
> One quick question: can you tell the parameters of the offending PASSMOD
> operations?  I mean: old/new password, password generated automatically or
> provided, operation performed for self or by a privileged identity, and
> so?
> Thanks, p.

The PASSMODs are done by Linux 'passwd', using pam_ldap (mostly on
Debian Lenny, if that matters). The new passwords are provided by the
user and the operation is perfomed as "self". I don't know if pam_ldap
provides the old password as a parameter to the PASSMOD operation.

Binding is done with 'simple bind'. The whole SASL/Kerberos stuff is
configured and working, but not yet deployed.

I could add the client config (PAM, ldap.conf and so on) to the server
related stuff in the linked directory, if you need it.

Christian Manal