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Re: ITS#6055

masarati@aero.polimi.it wrote:
>> My only concern is that it be maintained, so that the OpenLDAP backend
>> can be a supported part of Samba4 into the long term.  (I know it's not
>> been in good shape for the past while, but there is hope we can get it
>> back on track).
>> Do contrib modules come with this level of maintenance?
> Inherently no, because they would not be configured/built along with the
> rest of the package.  Of course, as soon as users (possibly including
> myself) notice issues, they would be maintained (see for example nssov).
> The most straightforward way of having it routinely built is to place it
> in slapd/overlays/; I guess this needs consensus from the rest of the
> team.  I'd vote in favor; please holler.

I think contrib is the right place for now. It seems to me that the 
requirements here are still a moving target, so it's better in contrib. 
(Contrib items are free to add new features independent of the rest of the 
release cycle. Items in the main slapd/overlays are more constrained to 
bugfixes-only within a release cycle.)

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