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Re: (ITS#6507) backglue and paged results issue

Le 06/04/2010 20:55, masarati@aero.polimi.it a écrit :
> When requesting paged results control on glued databases, if a database (either
> superior or subordinate) returns one page that ends with the last corresponding
> entry in that database, the resulting cookie is empty.  Thus, the result
> returned to the client corresponds to the final result of a paged response.
> However, other databases may have returned data.  A fix is being designed.  p.

Your fix for this problem works well in my tests.

Under the same subject, another problem arises:

Consider this :
- back null
---- back ldap 1 returning 3 results to a search
---- back ldap 2 returning 3 results to a search

And you search "back null" with a page size of 2:
- The first response contains 2 results from "back ldap 1" and a correct 
- The second response contains 1 result from "back ldap 1" and 1 result 
from "back ldap 2", and another correct cookie.
- The third request, however, goes back to "back ldap 1", and returns 
the same results as the first response.
- And so on... forever.

As I mentioned, it seems that to solve this problem we would have to tie 
a paged results cookie to a particular backend under glue...
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