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Re: (ITS#6405) test043-delta-syncrepl failed - producer and consumer databases differ

Michael Ströder wrote:
> Howard Chu wrote:
>> michael@stroeder.com wrote:
>>> Download content of testrun/ here:
>>> http://www.stroeder.com/temp/openldap/its6405-test043-testrun.tar.gz
>> Shows that a change was replicated to the consumer and ignored on the
>> consumer. But since there's no SYNC logging enabled, we don't see the
>> reason why the consumer did this...
> It does not happen very often. This time I had to run it almost 50 times.
> Hope I got the sync log level right herein:
> http://www.stroeder.com/temp/openldap/its6405-test043-testrun-sync-log.tar.bz2

I think you have an OS / clock problem. The skipped op in this case got 
assigned an entryCSN older than the immediately preceding op. (The missing op 
has CSN 20091130201002.575384Z. The preceding op was 20091130201002.577244Z) 
This test doesn't run any concurrent operations, each new op is only submitted 
after the previous one completes, so this is not a thread concurrency issue, 
your system clock is going backwards.

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