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I tracked down the bug by going through the source code.

Basically, slap_sasl_rewrite_config() in servers/slapd/saslauthz.c 
passes the information to rewrite_parse() in 
libraries/librewrite/config.c.  However, what slap_sasl_rewrite_config() 
sends is NOT what rewrite_parse() expects to get.

It looks like rewrite_parse is a generic function which is called all 
over the place.  Probably not best to mess with that.  However, 
slap_sasl_rewrite_config() is only called from servers/slapd/bconfig.c, 
so any changes could take place in either of those two places relatively 

Anyway, what slap_sasl_rewrite_config has in my little test:
fname = "slapd"
lineno = 0
argc = 3
argv[0] = "olcAuthIDRewrite"
argv[1] = "authid-rewriteEngine"
argv[2] = "on"

In rewrite_parse(), it expects it to be set up more like this:
fname = "slapd"
lineno = 0
argc = 2
argv[0] = "rewriteEngine"
argv[1] = "on"

So all that needs to happen in slap_sasl_rewrite_config() is:
Get rid of argv[0] and shift everything down in the array (1 ==> 0, 2 
==> 1, etc.)
(?and then put it all back when finished?)

Anyway, I'm not sure how to do that, so the most I can really help out 
here is by filing this report so you don't have to spend your time 
tracking down the issue.

Second note: it would have helped with debugging had a particular debug 
command been properly finished.  See libraries/librewrite/config.c, line 
289-291.  The debug command has the %s placeholder for the third 
argument, but is passed "" instead of something more useful like: 
argv[0].  Probably just a little oversight.

Any way I can help with any of this?