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Re: (ITS#6368) Bug in deleting entry in MirrorMode

<hyc@symas.com> wrote:
> Peter Palmreuther wrote:
>> Sorry, misconfiguration on my side when I replicated the real setup at my home server.
>> I'fe corrected configuration and rerun test.
> Thanks. Please try the syncprov.c in CVS HEAD. (Also you should probably be
> testing the RE24 code now, not 2.4.19.)

I've checked out HEAD from CVSROOT
':pserver:anonymous@cvs.OpenLDAP.org:/repo/OpenLDAP' and ran several
thousand test iterations without a single failure yet.
So I'd guess it seems to be fixed.

How to continue best, getting a version ready for production? I
hesitate to simply compile HEAD for productive use, as I can't make
sure there's no change between latest stable / release and HEAD that
could lead to other trouble ...
Is this fix "back-portable" to 2.4.19 source, so I can compile a
2.4.19-custom version???

Thanks in advance,