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Re: (ITS#6371) problem with ber_flatten2

dave.daugherty@centrify.com writes:
> Version: 2.2.6 and 2.4.17

This bug was fixed in OpenLDAP 2.4.18.

> 1) Is the zero terminator really necessary?

Yes.  Much OpenLDAP code expects bervalues to be \0-terminated.
lber.h now has a LBER_BV_NOTERM flag for not \0-terminating it.

> 2) If so, seems like it should only be done if we actually allocated
> a new buffer (which does leave one byte at the end).

That would have been a cleaner default for the input value, but not for
the output value:-( In any case, this function was probably first
written for internal use - for accessing a BerElement.  That code does
deal with \0-termination.

This quirk should be documented though.  Currently ber_flatten is not
documented at all.