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Re: (ITS#6368) Bug in deleting entry in MirrorMode


hyc@symas.com wrote:

> Paste the debug log somewhere we can see it then. Might as well use =
> level -1 while executing this sequence. And provide the debug output =
from both
> servers.

I=92ve got 60MiB of log files (cumulated from both servers) from running =
slapd with "-d Any=93.=20
Sadly this erroneous behavior did only happened after a couple of test =
runs, so it=92s a lot of "everything works normal" in this files.

The logs are available here:


They're both equal regarding contents, just compressed differently for =
faster download if 'xz' as compression tool is available.

The test DN that fails is "cn=3DMax =

Thanks in advance and regards,