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Re: (ITS#6361) Failed assertion in slapd when running on OpenWRT/glibc

> Please provide stack traces for each of these assertions. In this case it
> sounds like connection_closing() got called multiple times for the same
> connection, after it had already been fully closed. A trace would help
> confirm
> that.

This is a little odd:

(gdb) run -d 255
Starting program: /usr/sbin/slapd -d 255
must compile with LDAP_DEBUG for debugging

*** "CRASH" ***

Program exited normally.
(gdb) ba
No stack.

I have been running a script, while ldapsearch -x; do sleep 10; done, that
eventually crashes slapd. But gdb provides little feedback, as noted

>> One things to note is that, in addition to being on MIPS32, my platform
>> has only 32MB of memory. I also have a swap file that is 64MB.
> In such an environment you won't have enough memory for more than 1 or 2
> server threads. Have you already configured this?

I have just reconfigured slapd to use one thread and removed all indexes
from the configuration. So far, I have not seen a crash. I am no using two
clients to query slapd and have removed that sleep statements so that the
server is continuously queried. I've been running this for about one hour
and will report back if there are any negative results.