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Re: (ITS#6365) Bad slapcat output when slapd running

Howard Chu wrote:
> apm@mutex.dk wrote:
>> Pierangelo Masarati wrote:
>>> You appear to be using back-hdb.
>> Yes.
>>> My guess is that if this can fail, e.g. because entries are being 
>>> sync'ed out of order, the DN does not get fixed.  If this is the case (I 
>>> couldn't inspect code deep enough to make sure), I'd expect that the DN 
>>> get fixed anyway, though, because missing entries should exist as "glue" 
>>> objects.
>> yes. But if you plan to use slapcat as a backup mechanism, then it's 
>> still a problem.
> Sounds like a low priority issue at best. Taking backups of a replica while it
> is initializing is pointless, just take a backup of the provider instead.

This is mirrormode.
There's no "provider" as such. However, there's one server which is used 
for application access and to minimize disk load on that server, the 
plan was to take most backups from the other.
I can't see any difference between what you call "initializing" and 
normal running state, except that the difference between server-1 and 
server-2 is (somewhat) larger. If I can't trust slapcat during this 
phase, how can I trust slapcat for backups?