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Re: (ITS#6361) Failed assertion in slapd when running on OpenWRT/glibc

mike@flyn.org wrote:
> Yes, I have just been able to recreate this in 2.4.19. The line in
> daemon.c at which the assertion occurs in this version is 994.
> I have also seen:
> ldap_write: want=22 error=Broken pipe
> ...
> slapd: connection.c:786: connection_closing: Assertion 'c->c_struct_state
> == SLAP_C_USED' failed

Please provide stack traces for each of these assertions. In this case it
sounds like connection_closing() got called multiple times for the same
connection, after it had already been fully closed. A trace would help confirm

> One things to note is that, in addition to being on MIPS32, my platform
> has only 32MB of memory. I also have a swap file that is 64MB.

In such an environment you won't have enough memory for more than 1 or 2
server threads. Have you already configured this?

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