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Re: (ITS#6365) Bad slapcat output when slapd running

apm@mutex.dk wrote:
> Pierangelo Masarati wrote:
>> You appear to be using back-hdb.
> Yes.
>> My guess is that if this can fail, e.g. because entries are being 
>> sync'ed out of order, the DN does not get fixed.  If this is the case (I 
>> couldn't inspect code deep enough to make sure), I'd expect that the DN 
>> get fixed anyway, though, because missing entries should exist as "glue" 
>> objects.
> yes. But if you plan to use slapcat as a backup mechanism, then it's 
> still a problem.

Sounds like a low priority issue at best. Taking backups of a replica while it
is initializing is pointless, just take a backup of the provider instead.

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