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I've uploaded a cleaned up version. It's nearly a complete rewrite of 
the original contribution.

In addition to the previous version which (intentionally) just supported 
the constant MRA "NOW" the updated version also supports now[+/-]offset 
calculation and matching. The offset's syntax is


where '#' separates the different time unit fields and N is the amount 
of time (offset) for a distinct time unit. N can be a negative or 
positive value (all none-digits and blanks are ignored, multiple signs 
are simply aggregated to a single (the first from the left) sign).

Thanks to previous normalization before the actual matching the 
"timedrift effect" (see followup #4 above) isn't present any more, too.

The two matching rule's (nowOrEarlier/nowOrLaterMatch) are compatible 
with any generalizedTime-syntax based attribute. Additionally the module 
introduces two specialized syntaxes exclusively dedicated to this 
modules matching rules (intentionally not supporting any kind of 
generalizedTime[Ordering]Match-ing extensible match).

Please have a look at the README, the sample schema definition, and/or 
the source for further details.

The current version can be found here: 

Any kind of feedback is very welcome.

Thanks a lot!