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(ITS#6362) slapd 2.4.19 Segmentation fault under load

Full_Name: Aleksey
Version: 2.4.19
OS: Freebsd7.2
URL: ftp://ftp.openldap.org/incoming/
Submission from: (NULL) (

Openldap 2.4.19 installed from freebsd ports. All configs in defauls
Freebsd 7.2 amd64
Slapd built with the "-g" flag and install with the make install STRIP=""

Used backends db46-, db47- latest from freebsd ports.
In slapd config added using hdb as backend and indexes.

Testing database consist of 1000 users accounts with minimum attributes. 

On stress test load slapd Segmentation fault in 10-30 sec.

#ldd /usr/local/libexec/slapd
        libldap_r-2.4.so.7 => /usr/local/lib/libldap_r-2.4.so.7 (0x80073b000)
        liblber-2.4.so.7 => /usr/local/lib/liblber-2.4.so.7 (0x800881000)
        libltdl.so.7 => /usr/local/lib/libltdl.so.7 (0x80098e000)
        libdb-4.6.so.0 => /usr/local/lib/libdb-4.6.so.0 (0x800a97000)
        libssl.so.5 => /usr/lib/libssl.so.5 (0x800ccf000)
        libcrypto.so.5 => /lib/libcrypto.so.5 (0x800e19000)
        libfetch.so.5 => /usr/lib/libfetch.so.5 (0x8010ab000)
        libcom_err.so.4 => /usr/lib/libcom_err.so.4 (0x8011b9000)
        libcrypt.so.4 => /lib/libcrypt.so.4 (0x8012bb000)
        libwrap.so.5 => /usr/lib/libwrap.so.5 (0x8013d4000)
        libthr.so.3 => /lib/libthr.so.3 (0x8014dd000)
        libc.so.7 => /lib/libc.so.7 (0x8015f5000)

#gdb /usr/local/libexec/slapd
(gdb) run -d 0
Starting program: /usr/local/libexec/slapd -d 0
[New LWP 100311]
[New Thread 0x801a020b0 (LWP 100311)]
[New Thread 0x801a02880 (LWP 100073)]
[New Thread 0x8034040b0 (LWP 100076)]
[New Thread 0x803404240 (LWP 100077)]
[New Thread 0x8034043d0 (LWP 100078)]
[New Thread 0x803404560 (LWP 100116)]

Program received signal SIGSEGV, Segmentation fault.
[Switching to Thread 0x803404560 (LWP 100116)]
0x0000000802d5aa4b in hdb_idl_fetch_key (be=Error accessing memory address
0x7ffffd9f9f38: Bad       s.
) at idl.c:511
511     {
(gdb) where
#0  0x0000000802d5aa4b in hdb_idl_fetch_key (be=Error accessing memory
address 0x7ffffd9f9f38:      dress.
) at idl.c:511
#1  0x0000000802d50dc5 in hdb_key_read (be=0x801a853d0, db=0x803519800,
txn=0x80352b040, k=0x8069005
70, ids=0x806a00000, saved_cursor=0x0, get_flag=0) at key.c:50
#2  0x0000000802d5363c in equality_candidates (op=0x803521000, rtxn=0x80352b040,
 ids=0x806c00000, tmp=0x806a00000) at filterindex.c:788
#3  0x0000000802d51d10 in hdb_filter_candidates (op=0x803521000,
rtxn=0x80352b040, f=0x7ffffda7a550,
 ids=0x806c00000, tmp=0x806a00000, stack=0x806d00000) at filterindex.c:154
#4  0x0000000802d5297f in list_candidates (op=0x803521000, rtxn=0x80352b040,
flist=0x7ffffda7a5    f
type=161, ids=0x806b00000, tmp=0x806a00000, save=0x806c00000) at
#5  0x0000000802d5229c in hdb_filter_candidates (op=0x803521000,
rtxn=0x80352b040, f=0x7ffffda7a530,
 ids=0x806b00000, tmp=0x806a00000, stack=0x806c00000) at filterindex.c:204
#6  0x0000000802d5297f in list_candidates (op=0x803521000, rtxn=0x80352b040,
flist=0x7ffffda7a5    f
type=160, ids=0x7ffffdafa760, tmp=0x806a00000, save=0x806b00000) at
#7  0x0000000802d521e4 in hdb_filter_candidates (op=0x803521000,
rtxn=0x80352b040, f=0x7ffffda7a570,
 ids=0x7ffffdafa760, tmp=0x806a00000, stack=0x806b00000) at filterindex.c:
#8  0x0000000802d4dca9 in search_candidates (op=0x803521000, rs=0x7ffffdbfab30,
e=0x7ffffda7a71   tx
n=0x80352b040, ids=0x7ffffdafa760, scopes=0x7ffffda7a760) at search.c:1206
#9  0x0000000802d4befa in hdb_search (op=0x803521000, rs=0x7ffffdbfab30) at
#10 0x0000000000439bb5 in fe_op_search (op=0x803521000, rs=0x7ffffdbfab30) at
#11 0x0000000000439520 in do_search (op=0x803521000, rs=0x7ffffdbfab30) at
#12 0x000000000043613d in connection_operation (ctx=0x7ffffdbfac70,
arg_v=0x803521000) at connection
#13 0x00000000004366d9 in connection_read_thread (ctx=0x7ffffdbfac70, argv=0x12)
at connection.c:125
#14 0x0000000800797052 in ldap_int_thread_pool_wrapper () from
#15 0x000000080164b4d1 in pthread_getprio () from /lib/libthr.so.3
#16 0x0000000000000000 in ?? ()
Error accessing memory address 0x7ffffdbfb000: Bad address.