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Re: (ITS#6310) Slapd with pcache crashes under load

karavelov@spnet.net wrote:
> Hello,
> The bug seems to be in the new code in pcache overlay handling cache
> refreshes. When I switched configuration with only TTL/negTTL (without
> TTR)  the crashes have disappeared from both scenarios I have used:
> 1. One process with back-sql + pcache (crashed with segmentation failt
> when using TTR)
> 2. Two processes, first with back-sql, second with back-ldap + pcache,
> that communicate over unix domain socket (crashed on assertion in
> entry_clean when using TTR)
> So the bug is not fixed but is located in pcache>  consistency_check>
> refresh_query

A fix was committed to CVS HEAD a few days ago, please test, thanks.

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