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Re: (ITS#6310) Slapd with pcache crashes under load

karavelov@spnet.net wrote:
> Full_Name: luben karavelov
> Version: 2.4.18 - HEAD
> OS: Debian Linux
> URL:
> Submission from: (NULL) (
> Hello,
> I have 2 running slapd servers for load balancing. The 2 instances are
> configured with back-sql and pcache overlay. Every 5-15 minutes one of the
> servers crashes.
> The config could be found here:
> http://purgatory.spnet.net/~karavelov/slapd.conf.h2
> A gdb session with the resulting core dump could be found here:
> http://purgatory.spnet.net/~karavelov/gdb1
> Without proxycache overlay the servers does not crash in this manner.
> The software tested is
> 1. slapd 2.4.18 with backported pcache.c from HEAD
> 2. slapd HEAD

I haven't touched back-sql in quite a while, and don't have a suitable config 
for testing this. I suggest you run under valgrind and see what errors it reports.

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