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Re: (ITS#6320)

Ah, I see. Then the accesslog overlay can be loaded and used on the  
Provider, but Consumers won't query the Provider any differently than  
with regular SyncRepl.

I will promptly try this, thanks Howard.


On Oct 1, 2009, at 23:39 , Howard Chu wrote:

> j@telepaths.org wrote:
>> Sorry about that ....  resending to ITS address:
>> Regarding use of the accesslog DB ..... is this still an option when
>> using 'mirrormode' ?  I understand at least in the recent past, this
>> option was not compatible with the accesslog overlay .....
> That's not correct. The accesslog overlay can always be used for  
> logging purposes. It is just that using it for multimaster delta- 
> syncrepl is not yet supported.
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