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Re: (ITS#6202) adding command line option to disable line breaking in ldif output

dieter@bloms.de wrote:
> Hi,
> On Thu, Jul 09, Michael Str=F6der wrote:
>>> I want to do an enhancement request for ldapsearch, because it insert a=
>   line
>>> break after 78 characters.
>>> Many people like me use the ldapsearch command in shell script and have=
>   to
>>> workaround this issue.
>>> Maybe it make sense to add a command line option to deactivate this lin=
> e breaks.
>> =20
>> I'd rather recommend to use a decent scripting language with LDAP and/or
>> LDIF modules than using ldapsearch in shell scripts. This gives better
>> control over data and error handling.
> there are several ldapsearch binaries from other distributor, which
> includes an option -T for this concern.
> http://www.koders.com/c/fidD1B671B4DA7CB116CA077E4694EEBAE167D3F85E.aspx
> http://docs.sun.com/source/816-6400-10/lsearch.html
> =2E..
> so why doesn't ldapsearch from openldap inlcude this option.
> It doesn't break any rfc and historcal implementation and as far as I
> can see (with google), there are many admins who have to workaround this
> with a little perl script.
> I think it must be a little diff, with a few lines
> I can write it, but is someone willing to inlcude it in the upstream
> versions ?

It has already been written, see ITS#6149. Closing this ITS as a dup.

Since the LDIF spec says that lines MAY be folded, any script that processes 
LDIF MUST be able to handle folded lines correctly. As such, there is nothing 
to gain from changing things at this late date, IMO. Other folks may have 
different opinions, but I don't think the ITS is the place to discuss this.

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