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Re: (ITS#6202) adding command line option to disable line breaking in ldif output


On Thu, Jul 09, Michael Str=F6der wrote:

> > I want to do an enhancement request for ldapsearch, because it insert a=
> > break after 78 characters.
> > Many people like me use the ldapsearch command in shell script and have=
> > workaround this issue.
> > Maybe it make sense to add a command line option to deactivate this lin=
e breaks.
> I'd rather recommend to use a decent scripting language with LDAP and/or
> LDIF modules than using ldapsearch in shell scripts. This gives better
> control over data and error handling.

there are several ldapsearch binaries from other distributor, which
includes an option -T for this concern.


so why doesn't ldapsearch from openldap inlcude this option.
It doesn't break any rfc and historcal implementation and as far as I
can see (with google), there are many admins who have to workaround this
with a little perl script.

I think it must be a little diff, with a few lines

I can write it, but is someone willing to inlcude it in the upstream
versions ?



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