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Re: (ITS#5976) seg fault problem starting with version 2.1.14

aej@wpi.edu wrote:
> Full_Name: Allan E. Johannesen
> Version: 2.1.15
> OS: Red Hat Linux E5
> URL:
> Submission from: (NULL) (
> I somehow missed installing 2.1.14, and was still running 2.1.13.  I found that
> 2.1.15 did not run on one of my servers (but worked on the other 2).  Looking
> back, 2.1.14 had the same problem.  2.1.13, compiled and linked again on that
> same client still worked ok, so it doesn't appear that libraries went sour.  The
> failure is on a gssapi syncrepl client on an opteron.  The gssapi syncrepl
> client on Intel works ok.  The master appears to work ok, too.  The ldap server
> was running on appliance4 and was accessing the master on appliance1.
> When starting it under debugging -d-1, I got to this:

I presume you meant 2.4.15, not 2.1.15. Thanks for the report, fixed now in HEAD.

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