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Re: (ITS#5975) minor issue with slapd.conf manpage

eric@huss.org wrote:

> There appears to be a couple slightly incorrect statements in the slapd.conf
> manpage.  It says that the argsfile and pidfile values are used "if started
> without the debugging command line option".  However, it doesn't appear to make
> any difference whether or not you use the -d option with slapd.
> This phrasing could be replaced with something that indicates if it is not
> specified, the file will not be created.

Correct.  However I'm not sure whether the man page or the code needs to 
be fixed.  I'm open to suggestions.  I'm inclined towards following the 
man page, as the use of -d implies one may not need the pid, and knows 
the args.


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