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Re: (ITS#5696) Patch - support Mozilla NSS for crypto operations

rmeggins@redhat.com wrote:
> This is a cryptographically signed message in MIME format.
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> Any update on this?  It looks as though there is some rearchitecture
> work ongoing to make it easier to support openssl, gnutls, and moznss -
> what's the status of this work?  Would some additional resources be of
> any assistance?

Thanks for the offer. It was just a matter of timing, I wanted to make sure 
the new organization was stable before completing the moznss integration. Now 
that it looks like we've shaken out the loose ends, it won't take long to pull 
in the rest of the moznss support.

I'm still uncertain about how configure should detect the NSS header files 
though; they are not in any standardized location yet AFAICS.

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