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Re: (ITS#5942) URI matching of "self" in add_syncrepl is incomplete

jclarke@linagora.com wrote:
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> On 13.02.2009 14:29, jclarke@linagora.com wrote:
> I am following what test049 does.

> Oops, sorry, I've been mixing 049 and 050 in my head. My bad, this isn't
> a problem for test049 indeed.
> Although I am curious as to why test049 creates a syncrepl consumer
> targeted at itself? Can't quite get my head around it yet, but will keep
> thinking, with regard to multimaster.

Very simple. Once the real consumer connects to the master and replicates, it 
will acquire whatever config was on the master. If the master doesn't have a 
consumer pointed at itself, then once the consumer acquires the master's 
configuration, the consumer's syncrepl config will disappear, and replication 
will stop.

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