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Re: (ITS#5942) URI matching of "self" in add_syncrepl is incomplete

Jonathan Clarke wrote:
> hyc@symas.com wrote:
>> Ah right. For the serverID code, we're doing a liberal match because anything
>> that matches the current name:port is obviously the current server, and we
>> want it to be identified as such.
>> For syncrepl, we know full well that it may be the current server, but for
>> whatever reason you may want to replicate against yourself anyway (e.g.,
>> against a different baseDN, etc...).

> Actually, this comes straight from test049 (config replication). With
> multimaster config replication, it starts by replicating itself
> (useless, but necessary for other masters). This problem doesn't appear
> in the test case, since a variable ($URI1) is used for both the slapd -h
> $URI1 option, and in the syncrepl provider=$URI1 LDIF. Otherwise it
> would produce weird results.

If you want a setup similar to test049, follow what it does. If you want to 
something else, do otherwise. There are valid reasons to point a syncrepl 
consumer at the same slapd (e.g., proxy syncrepl, automatic local 
backup/mirroring, rewriting a subtree of a main database, etc.). Using the 
exhaustive matching that serverID uses would preclude those cases from working.

As usual, when you're configuring a server, you have to pay attention to what 
you're doing and what effect you want to accomplish.
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