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Re: (ITS#5931) back-meta crashes with syncrepl data

Pierangelo Masarati wrote:
> ----- hyc@symas.com ha scritto:
>> hyc@symas.com wrote:
>>> I'll play with this code some with the decode change backed out.
>> Heh, in my current build I hadn't updated liblber yet so I didn't have
>> the
>> change. Fwiw, test036 etc. worked fine without it. Will try some
>> syncrepl
>> configs now.
> I ran test018, then I put a back-meta between the consumer and the
> producer,
I wiped the consumer's database and restarted it. Then I performed some
further modifications to the producer and checked that they appeared in the

Right, I did the same first with test017. I've now repeated with test018, 
which works fine since the intermediate message carries the sync cookie.

> Please pay attention to the proxy's logs: what you could (should) get is a
series of messages complaining about the impossibility to decode attribute types.

I didn't see any such errors in the proxy's logs, and the consumer was fine.

> I might well have screwed something up while trying to fix intermediate
responses and other stuff related to this ITS. That's why I'm asking for
critical review before merging my fix into re24. With the change in liblber I
could perform syncrepl with back-meta in between.

refreshAndPersist seems to work fine without the liblber patch.

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