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Re: (ITS#5613) slapd determines hostname by PTR even if host url defined, breaking ServerID

joe@julianfamily.org wrote:
> Full_Name: Joe Julian
> Version: 2.4.10
> OS: Linux (Fedora 7 distribution)
> URL:
> Submission from: (NULL) (
> Description of problem:
> slapd is called with "-h ldap://ldap1.domain.dom"; where ldap1 is a CNAME for
> the
> actual server name "moe.domain.dom" and "-h ldap://ldap2.domain.dom"; for
> "curly.domain.dom".
> The cn=config entries for olcServerID are "1 ldap://ldap1.domain.dom"; and "2
> ldap://ldap2.domain.dom";
> In config_generic (bconfig.c) case CFG_SERVERID lud->lud_host is compared with
> global_host. As the PTR record for moe is moe.domain.dom and not
> ldap1.domain.dom, moe does not get assigned a serverID. The same is true for
> curly.

> Expected results:
> the serverID should be selected (in part) based on the "-h" url configuration
> matching an olcServerID entry

The listener URLs specified with -h are now being compared. The fix is in 
HEAD, please test. Thanks.

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