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Re: (ITS#5919) URI syntaxe (ldap:///dc=my%2cdc=domaine)

philippe.eychart@informatique.gov.pf wrote:
> michael@stroeder.com wrote:
>> Such an extension would be feasible. But still I'm not sure whether this
>> distinction is needed. Although LDAP URL with empty hostport portion are
>> used internally (e.g. in ACLs) this IMHO does not affect
>> ldap_initialize(). Maybe I missed something. But before implementing a
>> patch this should be clarified.
> Do you suggest that an empty hostport (as ldap_initialize() arg) could mean
> that a SRV search is needed ?
> But this will reduce the search in the default domain name, won't it ?
> So, how to produce a search in another specific domain name when wished ?
> Where (in the URI) to appoint the root ("dc=my,dc=domain") or the explicit
> domain name ("my.domain") for the search domain ?...
> Secondarily, how to specify the present meaning "this LDAP server" if we use
> this empty hostport syntaxe for SRV seach ? (A SRV search could respond when
> the user think to request his local LDAP server ...)

OpenLDAP clients do the following:

	empty hostport, empty DN: localhost, default port

	empty hostport, non-empty DN: SRV

what might be missing IMHO is:

	use domain to specify SRV

however, I don't see any special need for it, as domain can always be 
put in DN form.

I don't know if there's need for a form that asks to use SRV to discover 
the server for the default SUFFIX.

In order to avoid issues, I recommend using something like


where <DN> is restricted to the domain component sequence form.


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