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Re: (ITS#5931) back-meta crashes with syncrepl data

ali.pouya@free.fr wrote:

> I try to connect a RefreshAndPersist syncrepl client to a sync provider slapd
> through an intermediate back-meta slapd in order tu use its RWM features.
> The search entries are propagated without problem. But back-meta crashes each
> time it receives the LDAP_RES_INTERMEDIATE response time from the sync provider
> reproducing the following message :
> read1msg: ld 0x9f29550 msgid 2 message type intermediate
> slapd: search.c:1460: meta_back_search: Assertion `0' failed.
> Abandon

Back-beta (and probably back-ldap) need to be able to recognize 
intermediate response messages, as they are part of the protocol. 
Probably, it would be a good idea to detect unrecognized response 
messages and handle them nicely.

> I think this would be a useful feature to be able to make replicas that are
> different from the master.
> May be if this response time is propagated as is this type of synchronization
> will be possible ?

I'd notice that this type of operation might be less than ideal, since a 
proxied refreshAndPersist operation will keep one thread of the proxy 
busy all times waiting for further responses.

> I am aware that connection to more thant one targets through back-meta may be
> meaningless. 

In that case you could use back-ldap with slapo-rwm.


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