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Re: Docs: admin guide describes log levels inconsistently (ITS#5904)

ando@sys-net.it wrote:
> gavin.henry@gmail.com wrote:
>> Ok, but wouldn't that detail be best served staying in the man page? I
>> mean, what "user" will want to enter hex for loglevels?
> Actually, I wonder what user would use the decimal notation.  I 
> introduced the hexadecimal because I find it a little more intuitive in 
> terms of bitwise (then I decided to move to string-based :)

After giving many training sessions, I can assure you many "doing their 
best" users trust the decimal notation. Their managers, trying to help 
analyze problems, also. I know one such guy, head of infrastructure for 
a multinational company, with little or no background in IT, who speaks 
fluently in decimal OpenLDAP log levels :)

Also, specifying "255" is much shorter than "Trace Packets Args Conns 
BER Filter Config Args".

Thus, I feel it's still useful to find decimal notations in the guide. 
At least, to understand existing configs. On the same basis, hex could 
be useful.