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RE: (ITS#5919) URI syntaxe (ldap:///dc=my%2cdc=domaine)

h.b.furuseth@usit.uio.no wrote:
> Also note that _ldap._tcp.domain is of limited utility outside
> Windows-land, because Microsoft annexed it for Active Directory:

Most of system définitions may also be centralized without any used of
Active Directory.
Redundance notions are nevertheless necessary, also inside Linux-land ...
Used of SRV rr is a good reponse, (in particular in case of large Intranet
with many
remote sites -islands in pacific- and poor communication ressources -
satellite) but require
to be performed in all client applications : nssldap, samba, ldap client
for rsync/mail/DNS/proxy/supervision definitions, ... or openldap.